Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome to Lydia Trott

As of September, Lydia has been a part time member of the studio. Lydia graduated from Philadelphia University in 2007 with a BS in Textile Design. She concentrated on woven design and developed an interest in large scale weaving. A professor noticed this interest and offered to sell her a Cranbrook rug loom (which is the same loom we use in the studio). Lydia jumped at the offer and immediately started using it to make rugs. After moving several times with her loom in tow, she finally landed in Kensington (a Philadelphia neighborhood) after getting married. And her Cranbrook found a home at Part Time Studios, where she continues to weave part time under the name Home Terrain. She spends the rest of her week here at Claudia Mills Studio weaving stock rugs, custom pieces and helping with design. I have known Lydia for several years having met her at an ACC Balitmore show when she would come with her father, Brad Smith, furniture designer and maker. She would hang around my booth asking questions about weaving. I like to think I might have had a slight influence on her choice of textile study. Whatever took her there, I am certainly delighted. She has been a wonderful addition to the studio.

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