Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Announcing New Pattern Line Launch!

When I decided to launch my line of patterns, I built the initial concept for the Claudia Mills’ pattern line on the intricacies of woven thread and fabric. Overall, my custom rugs display a repeating pattern, but it is inside of this pattern where the subtlety lies. Different shadow blocks create multiple hues out of one solid block of color. We built upon this theme with our patterns, letting the over and under of the thread compete against the shade of the fabric, throwing a new light on our original color spectrum. The patterns are made of this color-play and a trick of the eye creates tonal color blocks that give our print patterns the depth of woven fabric.

With every pattern I create, I have the same goals in mind as when I begin a custom rug project: I build around color and texture to create something that can be viewed in a several different ways. There is the overall pattern that you see at first glance, then there are the minute repeats of yarn and color that create a unique pattern within the overall scheme. These patterns are interesting to me as they are intended for print, but very much give the impression of a woven article. And like woven material it can be a totally different item on a large scale – when you see the gauges of fabric and yarn – and when reduced to a repeat you are able to see the topography of the pattern whole.

It’s fascinating how weaving and 2-D pattern making can be so similar.